Thursday, September 6, 2012


Coz Porn.



This has come super late! Apologies. I've been riding the Haru for the last couple of weeks, but haven't been arsed to take some photos of it. The Fyxo chainring came in, and we bolted that on and wrapped a chain (KMC Kool) around it at Gear.

This thing rides so nicely. Feels really light in the rear end, and skids like a madman. Super fun. There's some slight toe overlap going on, which occasionally does me up at red lights, but whatever. Really stoked overall. I climbed and decended Mt Cootha the other day on it (manic as shit!), and have been on a couple of hot laps around Brisbane river. I'm a huge fan of the slight drop in the bars -much better than the straight RB18s that I had on the conversion.

Cheers to Gabe from NJS Export for the frame and crankset and insanely friendly service, and cheers to Erik and Gypsy at Gear for yet again helping me out with the wheelset, drivetrain and everything else. Champs!

BOLT THROWER - Realm Of Chaos
BOLT THROWER - For Victory

Friday, August 3, 2012


Managed to sort out a lot of shit in the last 2 days. I picked up my wheelset from Gear the other day (cheers dudes!), and picked up/organised the rest of my parts. I finished off the wheels with Conti Supersports again. Solid as. Went with a Roselli 17t cog, a Concor saddle, and Nitto RB-001 bullhorns on a Pearl stem (90mm).

All I have to do now is wait. I ordered pedals and clips through ebay, but they haven't arrived yet. I'm also getting a 49t chainring through Gear, made by Fyxo. Should be ready in the next week I think.

Assembling what I have was pretty straight forward -the clamp style front brake proved to be way less fiddly on my second time, but I think a lot of that had to do with the lugwork on this fork being much simpler and smaller than what was on the Panasonic.

Really keen to start riding this bike. Loving the rear wheel clearance on the seat tube. Super tight.

WU-TANG CLAN - 36 Chambers
GZA - Liquid Swords

Thursday, July 19, 2012


So I busted myself up pretty good about a month and a half ago. I was pedalling home from a mate's place late on a Thursday night, and woke up in hospital the next day at 10am. I still have no idea what happened, or what happened to my red Centurion conversion after the stack. A dodgy sounding anonymous witness report was filed to the ambulance that picked me up. No other clues.

I ended up recovering from a couple of black eyes, a split on my forehead, a fracture in my cheek bone, bruising up the side of my body, and a chipped tooth pretty quickly and there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage (apart from scarring over my right eye, and the chipped tooth). Stoked.

My conversion's whereabouts and condition a mystery, I have to replace it with another build. My Panasonic is way too nice to be my everyday/all weather/all-purpose/pub bike, so I need something non-flashy to ride when I'm out and about.

Picked up a frame and fork from Gabe at NJS Export. A re-branded National track frame/fork from 1985. In my size, in good condition apart from minor dings in the paint, and with a Suntour bb, and Dura Ace headset. I'll end up building it up over the next couple of weeks as the successor to the red Centurion. It'll be a tough, fast, no-nonsense build.

With the frame and fork, I scored a used Dura Ace crankset, and I'm getting some wheels built at the moment. I had to go with Dura Ace hubs again, because the frame is spaced 110 on the rear. They'll be laced to some black TB14 rims.


Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yesterday morning, I received my last group of parts. A set of Toshi double straps, Nitto Crystal Fellow seatpost, Dura-Ace clamp on brake, and a DID chain.

Getting the Toshi straps through my pedals (MKS Sylvan) was a total bastard. My red conversion has MKS doubles on it, and I thought they were tough. It took me almost 2 hours worth of cursing and pulling to get the set on. At least I know they're not going to slip or move anytime soon.

The seatpost and saddle went on next, easy as. I was pretty wary of choosing a Kashimax saddle, as I'd heard they tended to lean toward Ass Hatchet territory. The Aero that I put on fits really well and feels exactly like my Concor (though a little harder).

The clamp on brake, while being fiddly as fuck, fit way better than you would think to look at it. Cabling, lever and brake setup was really straight forward too.

I had to take the bike to the shop to get the chain on. I still don't have a chainbreaker. Once that was on, I took it for it's first spin around the river. Rides so nice. So smooth and responsive.

I took it out for it's first lengthyish (~35kms) ride last night. Bombing downhill in the drops and keeping up with 60kph traffic is too much fun. 


AGENT ORANGE - Bloodstains
THE STALIN - Romantisist
GANG GREEN - Alcohol
MOTORHEAD - Stay Clean
SHOCKING BLUE - Send Me A Postcard
THE KIDS - Bloody Belgium
WIPERS - Up Front
NIGHT BIRDS - Landfill Land
013 - Aivot On
PINK FAIRIES - Teenage Rebel
KAKKA HATA 77 - Mika Miehen On
MASSHYSTERI - Lat Dom Hata Oss

Thursday, April 19, 2012


My wheelset arrived on Tuesday this week. I ended up going with Mavic Open Pros laced with 36 DT Swiss spokes onto Dura Ace 7600 hubs. I stopped yesterday on my way home from work and picked up a set of tyres (Conti Super Sports), and a cog (Roselli 17t) too.

I taped the rims yesterday and popped the tyres and tubes on them, and then this morning I installed the cranks (Sugino 75) and bolted the chainring (Sugino 75 49t) on.

THE ESTRANGED - Static Thoughts

Thursday, April 12, 2012


New project!

For quite a while now, I've been lusting over NJS approved track builds. I'm a sucker for lugged steel and aggressive but classic frame geometry. I'm not a track racer, nor a particularly competitive cyclist; so shelling out and building up something all NJS stamped is a completely unnecessary undertaking for me, but why not? This thing is going to go fucking fast and be fucking nice once it's done.

Unlike the conversion I did last year, this series of posts will be mostly photos/text along the template of, "I picked this up today, and bolted it on!!" Apologies. Still, it gives me an excuse to play with my camera a little, post up the stuff I've been listening to, and record (more for myself) the building of my ultrabike.

Here's the frame and fork in all its glory. 58cm Panasonic Keirin frame. In, of course, lime green.

I've got a Dura Ace headset installed, and a Sugino 75 bottom bracket. The stem and bars are Nitto Jaguar (90mm) and Nitto B123s (36cm) with Champ grips. Oh, and a Kashimax frame protector.

LOST TRIBE - Self Titled 12"